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Humble Beginnings

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I have always been drawn to older ways of life, to genuine handcrafted things with a story of its creation , the unique art or even flaws that handmade things often have. And the ability to build a piece by hand that has the same tradition and authenticity as the furniture made thousands of years ago. It was these thoughts that led me into a life as a craftsman.

My first piece which began with a simple thought, "I could make that!". I was at a friends home having a meal at his dining table. During the meal he told me that he had made the table we were sitting at. I was surprised by this and instantly began asking questions to learn more about this tables creation. By the end of the conversation I was sold. I simply just had to make a table.

With Christmas right around the corner it was the perfect time for me to try my hand at furniture building, I decided I would create a coffee table for my mother. I watched lots of YouTube videos and had lots of questions for the woodworkers I did know personally. I had a friend with some woodworking experience who offered to help me build this first table. As the project progressed my interest and desire to create only increased. More than this I seemed to be naturally good at building. The table came together beautifully. It does have its own flaws, but I am still proud of that piece even as I have grown with skill and quality. That table will always have my origin story within those flaws and rustic beauty.

However my woodworking career did not begin until years later. I got a job at a cabinetry shop and began to learn the trade of carpentry through making cabinets. One day at the shop they were throwing away an old table saw they jokingly referred to as the "finger eater", due to so many close calls because of how underpowered and poorly built it was. At the end of the work day I went and picked up the "finger eater" and put it in the trunk of my car. I had accumulated my first piece of woodworking equipment that I made many personal projects with.

I have since gone through many equipment upgrades and work for myself full time out of my garage. I continue to strive for high quality creating traditional rustic furniture and heirloom pieces. Although my craft and my business are still in the early stages, I am simply happy that I get to spend my days creating functional art with my own hands.

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